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A box of baby bengals


A box of baby bengals

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flies to 3 different countries in 3 mins

Drawn by Mell for Spaghetti Seven [tumblr]

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CLINTASHA AU - The woes of a superspy couple.

"You’re mad at me for forgetting your fake birthday?! But that wasn’t even in the file! Nat!"

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Fan ex-




I won’t be attending the selling on Sunday because.. I’m too mentally and physically tired, stressed.. and also a bit depressed..

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I  know exactly how you feel, at least about the poor sales. I had a booth there this year too and I was totally expecting different results. So many people looking at my stuff for ages, trying every piece on and comparing, and then just walking away. It was incredibly discouraging. 

I talked to a bunch of other vendors and they all were saying the same thing, it was a weird year. High traffic but low sales. I’ve decided to take a gamble and book the booth for next summer in the hopes that it really was just a freak year.

I’m sorry you had such a hard time, please don’t let it get you too down, I know it was discouraging but you are really an amazing artist!

(btw, I was that person who pretty much grabbed you on the first day and shook you around because I was so happy to meet you in person! Sorry if I freaked you out, I can be a little intense at times!)


Awww ;v; omggg Thank u bby gosh I felt so bad I missed my chance to give more free stuff to my fans when I had so much prints in the first place/// ahh 

But really these presh moment I saw people fangirling together was priceless so thanks again dear ;——-;! Also no worries I’m feeling better now, it was a rush of emotions and thoughts that triggered me to depression, but after a better rest and closing the booth up, it’s all much better now ;//////;!<3

I know sometimes people browse around for the first couple of days and then make all their purchases on the last day Sunday, so maybe that was it?

© Alex Cayley

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This is my favourite photo from my time at Fan Ex.  The Doctor checkin&#8217; out DAT ASS.  I nearly died of laughter when I saw it the first time.

This is my favourite photo from my time at Fan Ex.  The Doctor checkin’ out DAT ASS.  I nearly died of laughter when I saw it the first time.

So I’ve been taken on as a companion it would seem.

Found a doctor and a Tardis!

Anonymous asked: sorry, I'm so out of the loop--what is going on with littlekuriboh? He sucks now? What?




No, just watch the video. He’s moving his site to

But I do also suck now

Oh baby. ;D

Got saved by Raptor Jesus.
Jesus Preys!

Got saved by Raptor Jesus.

Jesus Preys!

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